Who am I?

Naren is an IT professional who started coding during 1999 with FORTRAN, then COBOL, C, C++, VC++... C#, Java, ASP so on, till today. He claims himself as techie who loves coding, but he is not even sure which technology or platform he loves, most of the time Windows, some time WinCE, some time Linux, nowadays Android and embedded platforms. He is not a DB expert, but still can do some query stuffs with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL. He strongly believes that C/C++ is a must for all programmers, "if you know C/C++, you can do programming on any language". He is an electronic gadget guy who likes to buy small gadgets all the time, at least he will do window shopping on a gadget shop. His interest always have been with Automation in any form, call it a little automated program sitting in his Laptop or a home automation program runs on his mobile. Apart from coding, he likes to do...???

About Naren

Naren started his career as a software developer and has around 11+ years of IT experience as of 2015. He has a wide experience on different programming languages including C/C++, MFC, ATL, COM, Win32, C#/VB/ASP .NET, MVC, Java/VB Scripts, Google Appscript, JQuery, HTML5 including the trending technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud Programming (Azure, Google), Virtualization (VMWare, VirtualBox) with different domain experience including Software security, Engineering, Manufacturing and so on. He is adaptive to any technology, programming or domain due to his extensive technical skills. He likes chanllenging assignments espceially if somebody says it is not possible.

Naren has an extensive exposure to mobile application development including Android till KitKat, Windows CE till 6.0. Always interesed in embedded/machine level programming and recently started with Internet of Things articles on codeproject with Arduino, Raspberry PI B+, Intel Galileo Gen 2. He is an active Codeproject Article writter who had written 9 articles so far and more to come.