Naren is an IT professional, started his IT footprint on 1999 with FORTRAN, then COBOL, C, C++, VC++... C#, Java, ASP so on. He loves coding, most of the time on Windows platform, some time Android, some time Linux, nowadays embedded platforms, Machine Learning with Python and 3D Game programming on Unity with C# scripts. He can do some query stuffs with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL. He has done some interesting IoT projects using Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo, Arduino. He strongly believes that C/C++ is a must for all programmers, "if you know C/C++, you can do programming on any language". He is an electronic gadget guy who likes to buy small gadgets all the time, at least he will do window shopping on a gadget shop. His interest always have been with Automation in any form, call it a little automated program sitting in his Laptop or a home automation program runs on his mobile.

Apart from coding, he likes to


Planets 3D - three.js Experiment


A three.js experiment on building a space environment with our Solar system with all planets textured and animated. Check it her...

Intel realsense - LeapMotion - IoT robot hand Experiment


An experimental project to capture human hand finger movements using intel realsense camera and Leapmotion sensor and transfer it to a robotic hand made with Raspberry PI2. Watch on Youtube

Home Automation

In progress

Home automation using ESP8266, PIC microcontrollers and Raspberry PI for my home. Automating Lights, fans, TV, mood lights, curtains, watering plant, fire/gas sensors etc. In plan...

Articles by Naren

IOBOT : Build your own Azure powered Robots

2nd Prize Winner of Microsoft Azure IOT competition

Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure. This article is an attempt to build two small robots which can interact with human as well as within each other. Read More...

Internet of Things: Programming IoT Devices, Web Services and IoT Clients

A complete walk through on IoT Device programming, Web Service programming and IoT Client programming.

We will try to make a couple of simple circuits for Arduino, one using Thermistor temperature sensor and another using Ultrasonic distance sensor. Arduino program will write the temperature data and safe locker door open/close data to Google Spreadsheet or a MySQL database on a webserver. A Raspberry PI module to capture a picture if a door movement detected by Arduino module and an another PI module to switch off/on an electric device based on Webservice feed. Read More...

MS Office OLE Automation Using C++

A simple guide to automate MS Word and MS Excel using C++.

"MS Office Automation using C++" - this is what I started searching over the internet a few weeks back to plot a graph in an Excel sheet through my program. Fortunately, I got a few - actually very few - inputs from the cyber world, might be because I am a poor searcher in the internet. This article is for those who are still searching the internet with the same keywords. Read More...

Changing Windows XP's Bootskin, Windows File Protection, and Themes programmatically

Vistra code walkthrough article, to explain a few of the interesting things about Windows.

When I was searching something over the Internet, I got to see a software which couldn modify Windows XP's bootskin. I was surprised, and started exploring how it can be done by a third party software (not Microsoft's). This is how Vistra development started. This is a Vistra code walkthrough article, to explain a few of the interesting things about Windows. At the end of this article, you will know what is Windows File Protection, how to change Windows XP's bootskin, how to change Windows themes programmatically, and a few more. Read More...

Control within a control & Subclassing with a cool example

A list control displaying directories and files as on typing the path in your Rich Edit control and a subclassed Color256 dialog.

Controls within a control with a cool example – “Do remember, controls are nothing but child windows. They can get all messages that a window can get.” This article will go along with a RichEdit control example. In the example, a rich edit control is subclassed and a list box is used as a child control, i.e., a ListBox within a RichEdit control. Read More...

Irregular shaped buttons – owner drawn buttons made easy

Freehand draw - make a button with irregular shape. A step by step beginner's guide.

Button is the only control where we have to struggle or have to take more effort to change its shape and properties. But, it is not that much difficult to change its properties as it seems. The only tough thing is, we need to know how to draw well. A good artist can make a good-looking button. If you know well to play with “Device Caps” you can do more with button designs, that's all. This article is just about the basics of making your own owner drawn irregular shape buttons. Read More...

Keyboard Events Simulation using keybd_event() function

A short description of keybd_event() function for beginners.

Simulation of a keyboard input is a well known concept for those who are all familiar with Visual Basic. SendKeys() in Visual Basic does all the things, if you want to do anything without keyboard. But what is in SendKeys() function? What does it do? Can we do such a thing with Visual C++? This article is the answer. I think this will be useful for beginners who are all just trying to do something different with VC++. Let us get into the steps… Read More...

Developers' Tips & Tricks

Some useful tips and tricks for developers.

The following are some tricks and tips that I have explored across my projects. Just I want to share it with you all. May be you are all well known about something or all things in this article. But, just I am looking for beginners to take advantage of this article. Read More...

Beginner's Guide

Learn about simple DLLs, multithreading and some more stuff.....

Dynamic Link Libraries, Multithreading... are all somehow advanced concepts for beginners. But as the word "simple", they are conceptually simple. The aim of this article is to give you some useful technical initiative knowledge on these concepts, especially for the beginners. The article is not moving towards the theoretical definitions of the concept. Read More...


Click here to play Web version
3D Action Game developed for Android on Unity with C# scripting

Mazematics is a 3D action game which plays with your mathematical, memory and reflex skills. How good are you with Mathematics? No no.. not on Algebra, Calculus etc, just addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mod... Good, aren't you? Then get ready to quickly find answers for such simple mathematical questions to guide the player to run through the maze path. Achieve longer distances to prove your mathematical skills and challenge your friends on social media by sharing your own Mazematics award. The longer you run, the higher the award you get.

I can't remember the highest award to achieve on this game... Can you find that out? If you think you found it, I bet, that's not the highest, try again to find out ;-) Well, or you can challenge your friends with your highest to see if there is one above.

This game is completely FREE- NO PAYMENTS and NO ADS. The game is all yours to play free and enjoy playing with your mathematical and reflex skills.

The game has a non-mathematical mode if you want to play only with your reflex skill. Also includes Kids mode with simplified version of the game to guide the player by kids. For kids, this game will be more educative along with fun.
Visit: www.mazematics.com
Making of Mazematics (coming soon): http://mazematics.narenn.net

Download the game for free on Google Play Store.


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Naren started his career as a software developer and has around 14+ years of IT experience as of 2018. He has a wide experience on different programming languages including C/C++, MFC, ATL, COM, Win32, C#/VB/ASP .NET, MVC, Java/VB Scripts, Google Appscript, JQuery, HTML5 including the trending technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud Programming (Azure, Google), Virtualization (VMWare, VirtualBox) with different domain experience including Software security, Engineering, Manufacturing and so on. He is adaptive to any technology, programming or domain due to his extensive technical skills. He likes challenging assignments espceially if somebody says it is not possible. Naren has an extensive exposure to mobile application development including Android till KitKat, Windows CE till 6.0. Always interesed in embedded/machine level programming and recently started with Internet of Things articles on codeproject with Arduino, Raspberry PI B+, Intel Galileo Gen 2. He is an active Codeproject Article writter who had written 9 articles so far and more to come.